Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Praisin' some Jesus & a WINNER!

Oh my!  What a blessing The HOPE Box has turned out to be!  This past week has been full of spreading the word about the Hope Box all over facebook, blog posts, tweets and sooo many friends & followers doing the same!  Its been so beautiful to see posts lighting up facebook like a string of Christmas lights!  So many joining us to advocate for the orphan!  So, THANK YOU.  It simply doesn't seem like enough, but please know we're forever grateful... but most of all, the orphans who will benefit from your donations... well, they will be grateful in more ways than we can imagine.

I must say, I'm truly blown away by everyone's generosity and support!

We set a goal of $700 and we raised.... EXACTLY $700!!!!!  I gotta say, its almost comical for me!  Not sure why, almost like Jesus is saying, I got this ALL in MY hands!  Such a huge blessing EACH & EVERY donation that was received!  

Everything from $5 - $50 donations!  Wow!

This last day has been the biggest blessing, as we received over 500 hits on this blog, and a few hundred more on our personal blog.  Its been HUGE the number of people we've been able to reach and we give ALL the GLORY to HIM!  Praise God for ALL of these sweet sweet blessings!  AND... as many of you have seen, we were even more blessed to be asked to be on the morning show of WACH-Fox in Columbia, SC to talk about Voices 4 the Voiceless and share all that we have going on.  My prayer for the past two days was and is that people will be reached by our ministry, and that He will stir in the hearts of others. I pray we did that today.

Alright... NOW for the part you all are waiting for!  Let me first start by saying, that even if you do not win, I pray that everyone who donated knows that their money is being used for HIS kingdom.  I also pray that you are still glad at the end of the day that you gave.  Please know I wish we had enough to give back to ALL who donated!  But... there is only one winner of The HOPE Box!  So....



The WINNER is.....

Kati Everett

Congratulations Kati and thank you so much for entering and for your donation!  Kati, if you will please email as soon as possible so she can ship out The HOPE Box!

Thank you again everyone who entered, shared and donated!  Truly means a lot!

Many thanks, your Voices 4 the Voiceless Team

On the NEWS!

Hi friends!

First thing... we are EXTENDED the Hope Box until 5:00pm tonight.  We still have people eager to get in a donation and many haven't heard about it until our announcement this morning on the news!  So, we're using this opportunity to allow those to get in their donations, as well as possibly reach more orphans!  Will you continue spreading the word?

Also, I'm so happy to share with you our news clip from this morning!  Wach-Fox News featured us on the morning news and allowed us to share about some of the projects we're working on!  How blessed we feel!  Praying God will use that opportunity to stir in the hearts of others! First here is a shot taken just after our segment.  You will notice someone to my right... that would be Ansley.  The sweet 12 year old girl who has been making bracelets for us to help raise awareness and support!  They came into town to be on the show with me!  Thank you Ansley... you did a great job!

Many thanks... your Voices 4 the Voiceless Team

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The HOPE Box

Well my friends, its that time of year.  The time of giving, the time to be thankful, the time of rejoicing our Savior, the King, our daddy & sweet sweet baby Jesus!  It is also a time of great need for so many.  A time when many are without, no hope in sight and no one to care.  But [we] do CARE.  And, we as believers in Christ, have HOPE! During the bad times, we trust in our mighty Savior to lift us up, to cradle us and wrap His loving arms around us.  We have HOPE that things will brighten up and that "this too shall pass".  Unfortunately though, many around the world do not share that same HOPE that we do.  So... with your help and hopefully some nice little incentives... we can help give them some HOPE!

With that being said... we're calling this next project/fundraiser The HOPE Box!  Our sweet friend, and Voices 4 the Voiceless team member, Lauren Casperhad a great idea and she has graciously allowed us to "borrow" it!  So.... here is how it works!

Below you will find nearly $300 worth of amazing goodies!  Wouldn't you LOVE to have some of these?  Maybe to keep for yourself, or maybe even share with a friend.  Or maybe you want to "win" this and give the entire box of goodies to a friend!  Whatever you plan to do with it, well, thats entirely up to you!  But just know that 100% of the funds raised from this will go to Voices 4 the Voiceless to continue spreading the word about the orphan crisis in and around the world!  The money will be used to make an impact, and be used for current and future projects!  Will you consider making a donation?

Here is how... simply click the donate button shown in this post.

To ENTER to WIN this awesome box of goodies, simply make a $5 donation!  Its that simple.  For every $5 donation you make... you will be entered.  So, if you donate $25, you will be entered 5 times!!!  PLUS... help us spread the word on facebook - and you'll get 1 additional entry!  :)  Please leave a comment letting us know if you did do a facebook status or post!

DEADLINE to ENTER is Wednesday, December 21st at 12:00pm [noon]!

 [reason being... so we can get this shipped to the winner asap in hopes to receive before Christmas!]  :)
Alright.... here you have it everyone!  :)  The HOPE Box!

First up is the Chick-Fil-A Calendar!  Who doesn't LOVE ChickFilA?  I know this momma does!  This calendar is packed full of wonderful coupons, many with free items!  Its a great gift to give, include as a stocking stuffer... or keep for yourself and use throughout the year!  This is a $6 value.

Pink Dandy is a fantastic company that offer skin care products made with all natural ingredients!  Included is the Whipped Satin Luxury Cream in Acai Berries & another in Banana Cream Pie!  Yum!  Also included is a sample of the Sea Shore scent!  All amazing scents and make your skin oh so soft and silky!  This is a $25 value.

Thirty-One Cinch Sac donated by Nicole Phillips (Thirty-One Sales Rep)! If you wish to place an order with Thirty-One, you can do so using Nicole at this link HERE.  This tote is really cute and will be just like the one in the picture!  This item is a $20 value!
A $10 Gift Credit to Plum District online.  Great resource for moms, created by moms!  LOVE it!

Mary Kay items... this is great for those wintery chapped lips and hands!  Lyndsie Brooker graciously donated these items [both the Satin Hands Set, and the Satin Lips set].  She is a Mary Kay consultant, and we're so grateful for this donation!  Together this is a $52 value.
I love this chocolate owl votive holder!  Isn't it adorable!  So warm and cozy, perfect for the holidays! 

Katie Wolff graciously donated these adorable nursery or playroom prints (maybe even homeschool room!) from her etsy shop!  Check out more of her work HERE.  Both prints are 11x14 in size and printed on a high quality matte print paper. Absolutely adorable, love them!  These total a $30 value.

Voices 4 the Voiceless also threw in some of their scripture prints!  Each 11x14 in size!  I love these and feel they make a great addition to the Hope Box!  :)  All three totaling in a $60 value.
My mom donated these amazing Melaleuka products to the HOPE Box!  Thank you for your generous donation!  These are [from what I hear] phenominal products... and they're ALL-Natural.  Check out their site if you'd like to learn more!  Click HERE.  Over $37 in value!

Meryl Smith with Untangled Bowtique donated a $10 Credit to her shop!  You can see her work HERE.  She makes all sorts of bows & hair pieces for your little lady!  This is a $10 value!

Brooke Lane with BLane Creations also donated $10 to her shop!  You can see her site HERE.  She offers everything from appliqued outfits, hair accessories to custom designs.  Again, this is a $10 value.

We also have this wonderful addition from Allison Heinekamp (Voices 4 the Voiceless' newest team member)!  You can read her blog HERE.  She donated this$10 Starbuck's Gift Card and Starbuck's Mug!  Now you can sip on your coffee at home with this, or go grab a cup with a friend at your local Starbucks.  Both wonderful this time of year!  I know I love this!  :)

Well my friends... there you have The Hope Box!  Will you consider making a donation and enter to win this?  Our goal is raise $700 through this project... we pray you will join with us to help spread the word!

Many thanks, your Voices 4 the Voiceless Team!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Gift of Giving

Have you been thinking of ways to do something selfless this Christmas season?  Have you thought, how can I serve, how can I help?  Well... maybe this is your chance to help the orphans in Uganda this Christmas!  We're calling it The Gift of Giving!

You can make a donation on behalf of a friend, family member or maybe even yourself!  By purchasing a card in the amount of $10, $25 or $50... you can put food in the bellies of orphans!

For as little as $10, you can feed around 60 orphaned children in Uganda.  That is as little as .18 per child.
For $25, you can feed 140 and for $50, you can feed 280!!!

So... will you hop on over to our shop and help feed the bellies of these orphans?

Thank you from the Voices 4 the Voiceless team!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Child of the Week - Abigail

Wow... this little face reminds me so much of sweet Terri Lynn.  The sweet little face I saw just months ago that opened our eyes to what is really going on around the world, and one of the main reasons Voices 4 the Voiceless is now here.  :)

Meet sweet Abigail!  Is she not precious?!

Abigail was born in July of 2006. 
She has brown eyes and brown hair.  
She is considered friendly, happy and an orphanage favorite!
She is also described as loving and kind.  She is awaiting a loving & forever family!

Will you consider adopting her or praying about how you can help?

For more information, click HERE.

Many thanks, Voices 4 the Voiceless Team