Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the NEWS!

Hi friends!

First thing... we are EXTENDED the Hope Box until 5:00pm tonight.  We still have people eager to get in a donation and many haven't heard about it until our announcement this morning on the news!  So, we're using this opportunity to allow those to get in their donations, as well as possibly reach more orphans!  Will you continue spreading the word?

Also, I'm so happy to share with you our news clip from this morning!  Wach-Fox News featured us on the morning news and allowed us to share about some of the projects we're working on!  How blessed we feel!  Praying God will use that opportunity to stir in the hearts of others! First here is a shot taken just after our segment.  You will notice someone to my right... that would be Ansley.  The sweet 12 year old girl who has been making bracelets for us to help raise awareness and support!  They came into town to be on the show with me!  Thank you Ansley... you did a great job!

Many thanks... your Voices 4 the Voiceless Team

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