Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healing Faith

One ministry we had the pleasure of serving alongside was Kari & Jason Segner's ministry, Healing Faith.  They moved their family of 6 from Texas to Uganda a little over a year ago.  They're doing some amazing things there and we're so excited that we had the chance to serve alongside them!  

{from their website - about HF}

Healing Faith is a ministry that seeks to provide healing physically, emotionally and spiritually to the people of Uganda. We will provide physical healing through medical and maternal care. We also hope to enable an emotional and spiritual healing by showing the love and grace of our Savior to the people of Uganda. We want to seek God’s will in our lives as we serve his children and people in Uganda.

To learn more about Healing Faith, check out their website HERE. And if you're looking for a ministry to support - please considering praying about Healing Faith!

Now... here are some pictures from our afternoon in the villages with them!

They start each visit to the villages with a little fun and games!  It gives the families a chance to make their way over - as well as a way to bond and have some fun with the younger ones!

Jason bringing in some of the supplies!  {such a Ugandan already!}

Steven from our team got to work closely alongside Jason as they triaged patients!

Jessica, Sarah and Rachel painted nails... even the boys came running!

Kari & Jason - thank you for allowing us to experience what you do!  What an amazing thing you are all doing and we're excited about our next trip back!

Many thanks, Voices 4 the Voiceless Team

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